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Computer Troubleshooting, Writing And Amazon

The most popular resource on my site over the years has been the power troubleshooting flowchart and other diagnostic flowcharts, along with some of my writings about making a living in publishing. There's a bit of a sad story involved with publishing computer books, since they have proved to be irresistible to pirates, so creating some of the most popular troubleshooting books in the world no longer translates into enough to pay the bills. I've also discontinued my blog about publishing nonfiction books.

The original mission of this website was to post my translations of Sarah Menkin Foner, who was the first woman to publish a Hebrew novel, "The Love of the Righteous" - Vilna, 1880. Over the years, I've ended up adding many articles about economics and interest calculations, laptops, timber framing, travel to Jerusalem, photo illustrated guides to replacing PC parts (for example, replacing an ATX power supply), but my focus these days has shifted to writing fiction full time. While writing fiction is not a business model, at least I get to pretend I'm working while I'm reading. After a couple decades of reading primarily classics, I've gone back to reading new science fiction, and I've recently added a resource to finding newly published free science fiction books.

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