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I've been restoring my computer repair and troubleshooting resources to Foner Books after I had moved them away to dedicate this site to publishing. The reason for bringing the PC and laptop materials back home is that they have been permanently branded as part of Foner Books through the links they received over the years. I'm in the process of updating the site with chapters from the newly released third edition of the PC flowcharts book, and free evaluation copies are available for IT course instructors. I've also updated my book on starting a computer business. Some of the repair and replace photographs for both laptops and PCs are getting a little long in the tooth, but the state of Internet piracy has put me off of investing too much time in updating them.

Print-on-Demand, combined with short-discount distribution and Internet marketing, turned the publishing business on its head ten years ago. Now it's all about eBooks, especially Amazon Kindle. I've been writing the self publishing 2.0 blog since 2005, documenting how authors can launch their own publishing businesses and earn more from their writing than they would with a major trade publisher. Small imprints can invest their scarce resources in acquiring, designing and promoting new titles, rather than gambling on tons of books that cost money to keep in inventory.

Sarah Menkin Foner was the first woman to publish a Hebrew novel, "The Love of the Righteous" - Vilna, 1880. "The Children's Path" was published in 1886 with a dedication to Sir Moses Montifiore, and is the first published children's story in Hebrew by a woman. The novella "The Treachery of Traitors" is a Biblical fiction set in Second Temple times, published in 1891. She followed this with "Memories of My Childhood" which appeared in 1903. Her last published piece appeared in the American magazine Shaharut in 1919, a short story of how she came to learn Hebrew as a little girl.

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