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There are different kinds of "free" on Amazon. The first kind of free on Amazon are the out-of-copyright classics that form permanent collection. The second kind of free includes books that publishers are promoting by making them free for a few days (five maximum) in a 90 day period. The third kind of free includes books that Amazon is giving away due to price matching, ie, the publisher is offering the book free elsewhere. In all cases, when the book is free, neither the publisher, author nor Amazon make any money. The final type is Kindle Unlimited books, which are "all you can read for $9.95/month" in a subscription system like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

If you need a break from post-apocolypic war stories, my own SciFi comedy series, EarthCent Ambassador is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, starting with the first book, Date Night on Union Station. Many of the reviewers who have read the entire series point out that these books defy the typical science fiction plots. Each book tells a self-contained story, following the fortunes of the ambassador's family and friends (including aliens and AI), and the action currently covers seventeen years of their lives.

The following top 100 lists include strictly free books from all dates. Keep in mind they are self-categorized by publishers, and many of the same books appear in multiple categories.

Top 100 Free Science Fiction / Fantasy

Top 100 Free Sci Fi Adventure

Top 100 Free Alien Invasion

Top 100 Free Dystopian

Top 100 Free Military

Top 100 Free Galactic Empire

Top 100 Free Hard Science Fiction

Top 100 Free Post Apocalyptic

Top 100 Free Cyberpunk

Top 100 Free Steampunk

Top 100 Free Time Travel

Top Free Science Fiction Romance

I recently posted my collection of links to out-of-copyright science fiction on Amazon. All of these books ended up on Amazon by way of Project Gutenberg, but being in the Amazon store for free means that the links allow you to have them sent directly to your Kindle, rather than going through a download and transfer process. The list of over 350 free classic science fiction novels and stories took quite a bit of research to put together. It includes books from modern SciFi writers which first appeared in pulp magazines, classic out-of-copyright, and earlier works of speculative fiction that not everybody will agree are science fiction.

Free Classic and Out-of-Copyright Science Fiction for Kindle

The books I'm ignoring entirely for the time being are the derivative books. Copying is an age-old tradition in science fiction, but even though I enjoy some of those books, I just can't quite see my way to giving them links, yet.

Stay tuned for additions, and if you believe I'm skipping a free science fiction ebook that should be here, drop me a line and make your case.

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