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I've created two decks of flashcards for learning Hebrew vocabulary on Kindle. They are both optimized for the standard Kindle, though they appear to work fine on smart phones and other devices that support the free Kindle reader. The first flashcard deck I produced was a proof-of-concept using the most popular verbs in the Hebrew Bible. I consulted a few 19th century references and ended up with the 221 most popular verb roots. They usually mean the same thing or something similar in modern Hebrew, though many words involving Temple worship and prophecy aren't used that much in day-to-day life.

So I set out to make the second flashcard deck as practical as I could and decided on Hebrew food words. I tried to include all of the basic vegetables, meats, dairy products and beverages, plus words related to restaurants. I also spent an extra couple days linking all of the Hebrew cards to an English table of contents, so you can quiz yourself or pull up a word and flash your Kindle at the waitress if you're too shy to pronounce it out loud:-) You can buy either of the flash card decks below from Amazon.

Amazon's Kindle doesn't offer native Hebrew support, beyond the awful ISO font running the wrong direction with nikudots (vowels) in the wrong places. That forces any publisher using Amazon's Kindle store to decide between a Hebrew book that will look horrific, or using images instead of text. I went the latter route and created individual graphics for each word in each flashcard deck. It wouldn't surprise me if Kindle improves their Hebrew and foreign language support in the future.

Another option is to produce PDF eBooks, which allows the publisher to do whatever they want, but these currently can't be sold through the Kindle store and therefore require the reader to connect the Kindle to a computer and drag them into the documents folder. I'm interested in working with other publishers on ways to bring Hebrew to Kindle and other eReader devices, so drop me a line if you want to talk.

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