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The Serial Tourist's Guide to Jerusalem

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Managing Properties For Overseas Owners Including Rentals For Tourists

An ever growing chunk of Jerusalem real estate is owned by people who don't live here full time. Whether they've purchased property for investment purposes, as the ultimate vacation home for the Jewish Holidays, or as an eventual retirement home, simply locking the door and leaving isn't the solution. There are tax bills to pay, vaad bayit (the apartment's share of building overhead, similar to a condo fee), utilities and special notices that appear in the mail. There are plants to water, parking spaces to protect, and perhaps a courtyard or a roof the neighbors might build on if you aren't paying attention.

There's also an opportunity to turn your investment into a money paying proposition through renting the apartment, but it's not something you want to do over the Internet to strangers, especially with all of your home furnishings in place. A good property manager will enquire whether a potential renter will keep a Kosher kitchen, as opposed to a bad property manager who won't mention it unless the potential renter asks. Property managers may deal in rental periods as short as a week or five days if the apartment owner is willing, but that kind of turnover is going to put a lot of wear and tear on the place. Much better to rent by the month, and hopefully find a single tenant to take the whole period you'll be absent.

The apartment I'm renting this winter is managed by Gladys Groner of Jerusalem Home Management. She manages many upscale properties for clients who don't bother renting, after all, if you have a multi-million dollar home you probably don't need the rental income and have too many valuable objects in the house to risk it. But Jerusalem Home Management also takes care of some mid-range apartments, which for Jerusalem means valuations in the quarter million to half million dollar range, and these are sometimes available for rental, fully furnished in the $1000 to $2000 a month range, depending on the number of bedrooms, locations, etc. The German Colony, Greek Colony, Old Katamon, Talbiyeh, Rehavia and Nachalot are all popular neighborhoods in which overseas owners have been purchasing, and which are great locations for multi-month tourists. The short term rentals in Jerusalem, a month to several months, are ideal for me.

If you own a house or apartment in Jerusalem and you are looking for a professional manager who will stop in every week and take care of whatever comes up, I'd recommend taking a look at Jerusalem Home Management and Gladys Groner. Gladys has over 25 years experience in managing properties and short term toursit rentals and long term temporary housing rentals, and has lived in Jerusalem for nearly 40 years, so she knows the market inside out. If you're looking for a nice place to stay for a few months in Jerusalem, I'd recommend giving Gladys or her partner a call:

In Israel: (02) 678-5560 Cell 054-4757166 or in America 845-510-4212 -

Or her partner: Tamar Matlaw, 054-222-0987,

If you're an old fashioned faxer, the number is (02) 679-7819

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