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And If Inflation Never Returns

Authors who manage to make a living without writing bestsellers tend to worry about their future income. That’s because authors who make a living without writing bestsellers aren’t stupid.

I plotted the history of 5 and 10 year Treasury Inflation Protected (TIP) notes auctions this week because I couldn’t find the data in a clean graphical form on any financial websites I checked. I [...]

Is There An Exit Strategy For Small Publishers?

Whether you are a self publisher or a small publisher with less than seven figures a year in sales, you’re in for a challenge if you want to sell your business. Because I’ve written on the subject of buying and selling small publishing business a number of times, I get regular requests from owners of small [...]

Amazon Select Payment Drops 20% in November

November was the first full month that overseas customers with Amazon Prime were able to borrow a Kindle eBook from participating publishers for free. Apparently they rushed to do so, because in spite of the addition of $100,000 to the $600,000 shared pot for self publishers participating in Select for November, the average payment per borrow [...]