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March Select Royalty And Not Ready For Prime

I’ll be taking a break from posting next week for Passover, so here’s an early update to the ongoing Kindle Select royalty for KOLL borrows:

March came in at $2.10 per borrow, so it seems that Amazon is back to targeting $2.00 per borrow as the “standard” royalty.  Of course, they did raise the price of Amazon Prime from [...]

Local Meet-ups As A Conference Substitute For Self Publishers

Last month I was thinking about going back to TOC (Tools of Change) in NY, but when I looked for the date, I found that O’Reilly had decided to end their run of publishing conferences. I attended a couple of the early TOC’s on a press pass, and I was very much struck by the disconnect [...]

Data Crunching Kindle Promotion Data (A Prequel:-)

I’ve been spending around a half an hour every morning since mid-February tracking free Kindle book promotions of SciFi/Fantasy books on Amazon. I’ll give some points and conclusions from the first 272 titles worth of data (stopping at March 10), and then explain the methodology.

20 are currently at a sales rank below 100,000, 4 of those under 10,000. These [...]