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Five Days of Free Copyright eBook on Kindle

I just published a copyright enforcement guide for authors and publishers who are fed up with seeing infringements destroy their livelihood. By including the eBook in Kindle Select, I was able to run a five day promotion where it will be free for anybody, providing they own a Kindle or have the Kindle reader installed on their computer, iPad or phone.  [update] The free period ran out, over 600 copies were downloaded. I hope to convince Amazon to add the guide to their permanent free collection, sent them an e-mail on Friday.[update]

My preference would have been to simply hand it out as a free PDF, but around a third of the material in the eBook is from blog posts published on this site, and the last thing I need is more potential duplicate content problems with Google. I took a non-traditional approach for what amounts to a how-to book by saving the why-to for the end. The first half of this short guide starts right off with the tools and techniques for fighting online infringements. My assumption is that authors and publishers who are looking for help fighting copyright infringements already know how copyright law works (and doesn’t work), so I wanted to save them a lot of page flipping. The second half of the guide starts with the basics of copyright law and why copyright registration is important, and closes with a discussion of who is driving copyright infringements and how turning a blind eye to online copying can come back to haunt you.

I went with “Version 1.0″ for the edition number since I hope to make this a living guide, updating it on a regular basis as the both Internet and tools for fighting infringements evolve. I’m very interested in hearing feedback about approaches other authors and publishers are trying, and I’m willing to turn the guide into an ensemble piece if that makes sense.

It’s clear to me that the only way authors and publishers can hope to defend our rights is by making our presence felt. In the corporate world in which we live, that means targeting the bottom line of those who enable the business of infringement by forcing them to spend money complying with the law. If the cost of responding to copyright infringement complaints rises above the profits earned through promoting infringements, the corporations who claim their activities are “protecting” the Internet will change their song. They are in it for the money.

[Update] Amazon replied to my request to make the book free:

Due to operational costs, it isn’t possible to select a $0 price for your book at this time.

It went on longer than that, but the first line was all that matters. If you have Prime membership, you can borrow it for free, otherwise it’s going to cost 99 cents unless you wait 90 days for the next five day promo.

[ end update]

12 comments to Five Days of Free Copyright eBook on Kindle

  • Ray Saunders

    Just grabbed it. Thank you.

  • Ed

    Many of us don’t use Kindles. Or Nooks. We use laptops or desktop computers for both writing and reading.
    Please consider releasing a PDF version through Lightning Source or another outfit that can provide some level of protection.

  • Ed,

    I have a Kindle and I have the FREE downloadable Kindle app for my Mac laptop.

    I was very resistant to the entire concept of using ereaders. Now I am pretty well sold on using my Kindle.

    You can still obtain the book for free just by downloading the Kindle app.


  • Jennifer

    Ed, you can download any book for Kindle onto your laptop or desktop computer and read it easily. Go to Amazon’s website for instructions on how to do this.
    Morris, thanks so much for putting this out now. Good timing with the PIPA and SOPA legislation pending today. I’ve shared your offer on Facebook and have urged my friends to read your book.

  • Great idea, Morris! I tweeted the link already and will do so the next four days. Thank you.

    Ed, my dh put it on his Kindle and I downloaded it to my pc using the Kindle app. You can learn how to download it to your pc here:

  • Shawne Workman

    Thank you — for this and many other helpful articles.

    (I do use a Kindle, but also the free Kindle for PC software–easy.)


  • Ed,

    Jennifer offered the solution that I would, downloading the free Kindle reader. Here’s a link to their free reader apps page:

    I took a look at your website and I see you publish quite a few books on Kindle. Since you publish them on other devices as well, you’re locked out of select, but have you considered trying the 99 cent price point for the first book in you “In Service to a Goddess” series? You might be surprised how much difference two bucks makes to people trying out a new author. Or, if you can lower the price at B&N to $0.01 (one penny) or free, depending on how you’re signed up with them, Amazon might match it after a while.


  • Ray Saunders

    BTW: What do you use to create ebook covers?

  • Ray,

    That last one was from Microsoft Viso, they have all the traffic signs, which are a big favorite of my for eBook covers. Other’s I’ve done in Microsoft Paint or PowerPoint. I’ve never published an eBook where I thought the cover design would have much impact, so I only take a few minutes at it. If I was publishing fiction, I’d make a serious effort.


  • I’m glad you’re leading this fight, Morris, but it’s going to be a long battle. Here’s a comment on a UK site regarding the U.S. takeover of Megaupload:

    “Until I read the comments on this and similar articles, I had no idea just how many people though that theft was acceptable. They seem to have this bizarre idea that just because they can steal copyrighted material easily, this somehow makes it ok. Pirate sites don’t just hit big businesses, they damage (even ruin) countless smaller companies. But that doesn’t matter does it. You saved 7.99 on a CD. Well done.”

    This commenter has over 175 red arrows at the present time. When I see how many people think it’s ok to steal from creators, it’s very discouraging.

    Comment site:

  • Barbara,

    Yup, see (and hear) it all the time.


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