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My old blog, posts from 2005 to 2010, was moved to Blogger last year, and lives at My series of video lectures about self publishing is found at

The Self Publishing 2.0 blog that I wrote between 2010 and 2014 was recently nuked. I may slowly republish the useful posts on the old Blogger site. I still have the mailing list from the old blog, maybe I'll start publishing again through the Wordpress site at some point.

I continue to answer questions about self publishing for anybody who sends me reasonable questions by e-mail. The articles about self publishing in the left column were written years ago, some of them are still relevant, others, only if you publish on paper the old fashioned way.

My advice to all new self publishers is to start with Kindle, and after that, to sign up with Amazon's Create Space. Both are free. If you need better distribution or profit margins, worry about it after you've proven you can sell books.

I've added an index for the free science fiction books on Kindle. The lists are the current bestseller sorts that include both promotional science fiction and price matched free books.

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